By an old muso.
for old musos.


I've done a lot of stuff for a long time. Some of that stuff I sometimes still do.

I might be able to help you with some stuff. But probably only if I like to do that stuff these days.

Which narrows the field a bit. You can but ask.

I've also usually got stuff for sale. It accumulates, and sometimes I don't need it anymore.

BoomerLand Studio

I’ve built a nice rehearsal and recording space.  You can have a play with your old pals or your new pals.  I can record it live in glorious 24 trackness.  I can mix it for you. If bits of it are crap, I can help you overdub something better. Hopefully.

If it’s really shit, I might tell you, gently.  If that doesn’t work, I can be blunt if you’d prefer.


Later in life, I’ve discovered I’m quite good at hearing how your songs might be able to be spiced up with a bit of brass or strings or Madagascar night flute, or whatever.

I have a trumpet (technically, it’s a cornet) and a trombone, neither of which I can play at all at this point. But I have nice keyboards and computer stuff that make sounds just like these things.


Done a lot of that. Since 1978, since you ask, when computers were the size of a house and mostly shit.

Surprisingly, I have a lot of patience with computers, and it’s highly likely you don’t.

If your business (or your life) has computer systems that give you the willies, I can probably help, and I won’t charge like a dentist.


I’ve built most of a few houses, etc, so I can do stuff involving tools.  If you need house stuff painted or fixed, or you’re disappearing under a mountain of paperwork that’s sending you batty, I might be able to help.  If I’m not excited by the idea, I likely know someone who will be, and they will be nice folk.

Age has it’s advantages.  I can do lots of stuff.  Just ask.  I don’t have a real job anymore, and I don’t want one.  

This is called a "cool parallax scrolling effect." Thrilling, isn't it?

The "About" Thing

I'm supposed to "Use this section to showcase important details about your business." I've already done that. Scroll up a bit.

Everything you see here is responsive and mobile-friendly.


Including me, usually.

But I probably won’t do things I don’t like, for people I don’t like. I recommend you do the same if you can.

MY SKILL #1 - It's up above

MY SKILL #2 - so is that

MY SKILL #3 - yep, that too

MY SKILL #4 - there's more

When I was a lad, posts were made of wood, or metal if you were rich. Now they're people's opinion and stuff, and a lot of them are crap.

If I can be bothered, I'll stick some stuff here from time to time.

It might be a little light reading, or a rant, or a link to something I found entertaining, amusing or informative.

Or just crap. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

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